About Me/关于我

There are two things I learned about myself since I came to China almost 5 years ago: 1) learning Chinese is like melting an iceberg with a set of matches, and 2) I love to travel. If you’ve followed my other blog, then you know that I’ve been to a lot of places — there are only four provinces I have yet to see! — and that I’ve seen a wide range of unique sights and people. This blog is a way to share the beauty of China, and hopefully inspire others to go out and see it for themselves! Hope you enjoy.

我在中国深刻地体会到了两点:一、学通中文好比你用小小的火柴去融化整座冰山,二、我对旅游的热爱。 如果你已经关注我另一个博客,那你已经知道我去过了中国不少地方。(只有四个省我还没去过!)我每次会看到很独特的景点,也见到不少很有趣的人。这个博客主要是为大家分享一下中国的美丽地方。我也希望可以帮助其他旅客获得更多的旅游信息。欢迎阅读~