If you’re Chinese, then you’re probably going to Chongqing for Hot Pot. If you’re not Chinese, then you’re probably going to Chongqing to cruise the Yangtze River to see the Three Gorges.

Yep, Chongqing is a starting point for that cruise, and it’s the Hot Pot Mecca of China. In terms of big cities, I think Chongqing is the one with the most personality. Locals are as crackling as the hot pot that makes the city so famous, and the roads are steep and slanted. You won’t be sure if the locals are good or bad, but will think that maybe they’re both. My first impression of Chongqing was that it was just like Gotham City from Batman. If Shanghai is like New York City, then Chongqing is Chicago: it definitely has a seedy underbelly, but you’ll still find it hard to leave when the time comes.