In my professional and totally unbiased opinion, Hangzhou is the best city in the entire history of China. Okay, obviously I’m exaggerating because I’ve lived here for almost five years, but if it wasn’t such a good city, I would have already left, right? See, unlike Shanghai, Hangzhou is chock full of natural scenery, and (prepare yourself!) most of it is FREE! Hangzhou has silk, green tea, hilly scenery along the lake, and also a modern city to boot. There’s a slow lifestyle here, and I’ve found locals to be very friendly and open to meeting visitors. In Hangzhou, you have choices: you can enter the fray of city life, and in less than a half an hour, you can immerse yourself in gorgeous nature. After the G20 Summit in 2016, Hangzhou has been developing more and more, and so I’m confident that as good as it already is, it will only get better and better.