Hong Kong/香港市

Image courtesy of discoverhongkong.com

You can say it’s a traditional, Southern Chinese city. You can say that it’t not. You can also say that it’s a meeting place of Eastern and Western cultures. This all depends on from what angle you decide to define Hong Kong, but if you ask me, you’re better off not defining it at all. Hong Kong is Hong Kong — no other place compares.

The first word I think of when it comes to Hong Kong is: Lots. You don’t need to work hard to see lots of beaches, climb mountains, eat more western food than all of Shanghai, and stand dumbstruck in the towering buildings so much like cornfields. Hong Kong has everything, and lots of it. From a western perspective, enjoying one’s self in Hong Kong can at times be easier than in Mainland China, because everyone in Hong Kong speaks very fluent English and are quite accustomed to non-natives. But this bountiful city does have one set-back: it’s expensive! Yes, “lots” is right…because you’ll have to spend lots of money to properly enjoy yourself (unless you have a Western income, which in that case…carry on). If you’re like me, then you’ll take advantage of Hong Kong’s wonderful natural scenery — because no matter where you are, walking is free!