Welcome! 欢迎你!

So! You’ve decided to travel in China. What should you see?

If you look a map of China and say “Ehn, there’s not much to see,” all I can say is: are your geography skills really that bad? Yikes. I’ve been in China for almost 5 years, and am ALMOST done visiting every province (oh yeah, I’m insane).The map in the header is actually mine, and is hanging in my bedroom as we speak. I have routes for past trips and travels of mine. So, if you STILL think, “There’s not much to see in China,” then maybe this blog isn’t for you.

“All right, fine, then how about Beijing, Shanghai, that place with the Terra Cotta Warriors, and some pandas?” I mean, yeah, it’s good to see such famous spots, but I’m not going to waste word count on places we all already know about. Let’s be brave, strap on our boots, and dive into the beautiful and strange hidden treasures that are all over China!