Image courtesy of “Travel and Leisure”

Many Chinese people say that Shanghai is like China’s New York City, but I think it’s more like New York on steroids. Every second is filled with activities, good food, and new faces. If the upbeat tempo makes you feel lost, congratulations! This is normal.

How best to find worthwhile activities? Scenic spots? To be honest, since I’m a fatty (and no, you can’t even call me a “foodie” because I can’t tell good from bad…I just love to eat) I pay the most attention to Shanghai’s cuisine. I would say that most expats in China see Shanghai as a kind of Western Oasis. Go for a weekend, fill up on Western food, and be charmed by an East-Meets-West lifestyle. Scenic spots are not Shanghai’s specialty. However, if you find yourself in Shanghai, remember: Don’t lose your mind. You wouldn’t experience all of Shanghai even in one lifetime. Take it easy.