Travel Tips/旅行心得


I will be highlighting transportation, lodging, food, and other things in different posts. For now, here are some tricks that could help save you some money along the way that you might not know about!

-Bring your student ID. Even if it’s really old and faded (and technically expired), if you look young enough to be a student, you could still get half price! I have used this on many occasions.
-Bring laundry detergent and wash your clothes in the sink.
-Bring your own thermos. There’s free, hot water just about everywhere in China. No free cold or regular drinking water though. That you’ll have to buy.
-Bargain like the devil! It’s a bargaining culture, so don’t worry about challenging the offered price, especially in street markets!
-Take napkins and toilet paper from McDonalds and KFC. There’s no toilet paper in Chinese bathrooms, so in addition to supplying your own, get it where you can!
-Bring own instant noodles for long train rides. Food on the train, though warm, is pricey. Bring enough snacks to share, and you might make some new friends, too.
-Look into public bike systems in big cities (like Hangzhou). With a 200 refundable deposit, you get a bike! Pay attention to how long you’ve checked it out for, though, since after the first hour, they stop being free.
-Bring 2 books with for FREE hostel book trades.
-Be kind. This one is obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Sometimes simple gestures of kindness bring you a long way, especially when you suddenly make friends with a hostel owner or taxi driver who shaves off a couple RMB because they like you. Though, obviously saving money should not be your motivation to be nice. Just to say that everyone appreciates a kind gesture, and if you want someone to treat you well, you should treat them well first.