Yunnan Province/云南省

One time while in Yunnan, I looked out the window and said, “Oh my god, there are mountains!” My classmate from Yunnan just rolled her eyes and said, “Obviously! There are mountains EVERYWHERE in Yunnan!” It’s true. Yunnan is the place where every corner is stuffed to the gills with fabulous scenery, including completely different climates: high mountains, plateaus, rainforests, pine forests…you get the picture. Once in Yunnan, you’ll feel like you’ve entered another world. Definitely not the China you might have pictured, given all of the non-Han ethnic groups, too.

Yunnan is sort of like pandora’s box. Hidden inside are all kinds of things you can’t possibly imagine, but once you’ve opened it, it’ll never shut. Going to Yunnan once won’t be enough, going twice won’t be enough. I mean, it won’t be enough for a whole lifetime. This is because Yunnan encompasses every kind of attitude and every kind of natural sight. It has it all. As you can probably tell, I definitely favor this place…could it be that I’ve already opened the un-close-able box?